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Taibl Law is a boutique mother and son family run law firm that specializes in experienced Auto Accident legal representation. Serving the people of Jacksonville and Northern Florida with all of their Personal Injury legal needs. Aggressively standing up to insurance companies on your behalf and fighting for your rights to get you the compensation you deserve.


Why choose Taibl Law? At our firm, we don't just take anything that walks in the door. Unlike at some other firms, you're not just another file on our desk. We intentionally only specialize in Auto Accident cases and stay small scale so we can offer our clients with the best personal legal representation possible. Our unwavering drive and commitment to serving our clients comes from the fact that we've both been victims of automobile accidents and poor legal representation. We care because we've been there. We've been in your shoes before, victims of car accidents and slip and fall injuries. We too, along with other family members and previous clients have been subjected to being shuffled around between multiple attorneys, unanswered communication and unresolved costs and concerns. We understand how important it is to find an Attorney that you can trust to get you the representation and justice you deserve.


We're versed in the typical scare tactics that insurance companies like to use. We don't play their waiting and "final offer" games. We work diligently to keep you updated on your case and to get you the compensation you deserve. We are strategically selective as to which cases we represent, ensuring our clients with the best legal representation and personal attention possible. If you're looking for a firm that is experienced, knowledgeable and effective, you've come to the right place.


We take pride in knowing all of our clients on a first name basis, knowing and expecting your needs ahead of time, being available for your calls, texts or emails day and night. If you'd like to set up some time with us to talk about your case or perhaps you just have some questions, please give us a call today.




First and foremost, it is important that the client takes care of their injuries. Once we know the extent of the injuries, we submit a demand letter asking for compensation. If we cannot come to an agreeable settlement within 30 days, we immediately file a lawsuit. We are an aggressive law firm and we are up front about our time lines. We don't play the insurance waiting games. We fight to get your case negotiated and settled as fast as possible. We don't let the work come to us, we go after it for you.


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